Discover step-by-step guides and frameworks to improve your commercial system as you pivot from go-to-market activities to go-to-customer strategy.

What you'll learn

In this six-part Commercial Enablement Webinar Series, Scott Santucci examines research on the state of sales enablement and what the sales enablement profession needs to do to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis with more clarity around its purpose and value. Each webinar includes actionable insights that you need to thrive.

In the last webinar, Go to Customer: Markets Don’t Write Checks, Customers Do, Scott recaps the series and shares seven key takeaways to transform commercial systems.

What we found

There is a lot of focus on fixing salespeople and very little focus on addressing the sales and marketing ecosystem and the complexity that exists.


Sales enablement needs to clarify its value, scope, and impact.


Sales enablement leaders need to develop specific characteristics.


Sales enablement needs to define the measures of success.