The Polaris I/O platform is designed to help you master the growth of your key accounts.

Key account focus

The Polaris I/O platform is designed to support both the systemic growth and sustainable commercial health of your business. The systematic growth of large, enterprise accounts requires the ability to scale go-to-customer strategies that align value and continuously expand contractual relationships. Sustainable commercial health is dependent on focusing on predictable revenue growth and reduced risk from the 20 percent of large accounts that drive 80 percent of budget spend.

The benefits of an integrated platform

Improving the sales experience between account teams and their customers digitally is vital to protecting, retaining, and growing large accounts systematically. There is a dearth of account management apps out there. Polaris I/O fills the gap with a single configurable platform that unifies key account information, develops executable insights, configures solutions that are mapped to target stakeholder outcomes, and supports a superior digital experience with your customers.

Like a personal fitness tracker, our integrated set of applications work together to continuously monitor and improve your commercial health.

commercial insights

CRM tracks sales opportunities. Polaris I/O creates them.

Polaris I/O creates opportunities

Leveraging an outside-in approach, Polaris I/O models large account enterprises and feeds executable insights back to your organization. External data and rich IP is embedded and visualized to reveal areas of growth and risk, and to provide buyer insights and guidance for broad expansion and elevation of account relationships.

selling what's possible™

CRM focuses on transactions. Polaris I/O focuses on contracts.

Automating this process enables account teams to orchestrate engagement with customers faster and more effectively against much higher percentage opportunities given the focus on the needs of account stakeholders.

enterprise experience

CRM focuses on individual sales. Polaris I/O focuses on commercial communities.

The convergence of marketing, sales and service comes together through a digital experience that matches the value of your business to each customer stakeholder in a personalized way.  Centralized account documentation, drag and drop content blocks, integrated communication and feedback mechanisms make the account experience both internally and externally more aligned to the needs of each person.

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