Speed and accuracy land bigger deals

Execute growth opportunities faster by centralizing your deal assets, team collaboration, and real-time account planning. 

Rigid and static planning processes could stall your commercial success

Create adaptable growth strategies, innovative initiatives, align capabilities with customer outcomes, synchronize resources, and ensure consistent value communication. Foster connectivity between capabilities, teams, and commercial systems and assets throughout the enterprise.

Account Planning

Supercharge your account planning

Streamline planning and execution with a preferred tracking and reporting system, leveraging data-driven insights. Enhance proof of execution by incorporating factual evidence, ensuring the achievement of account growth and expansion goals. Forge seamless connections across teams, systems, and assets to amplify the impact.

Understand the relationship

Map capabilities to customer needs

Leveraging deep insight into account buying centers, stakeholders, and agreement networks, you can configure solutions and scope of desired outcomes that map to different executive levels, as well as relevant buyer experiences that reflect the “rhythm” of the relationship. This information is then fed back into your company to improve and inform your commercial process. 

Grow the deal

Increase deal size by matching resources and capabilities by deal type

Align solution configuration, resource allocation, and value propositions using inventories of capabilities, personnel, and pitches. Utilize the comprehensive deal checklist to guide the team through the essential requirements for success.


Receive faster analysis, predictions, and recommendations with Polaris Assist

Automated analysis, predictions, and recommendations are harnessed to enhance win rates across divisions and teams through AI-enabled insights and suggestions.

Polaris Assist AI
White Space Analysis

Automate cross-sell and upsell intelligence

Organize growth opportunities by type across account buying centers and lines of business, adapting growth strategies and investments to changing account needs and priorities.


Seamless integration with your favorite apps

Polaris I/O enhances the integration to CRM apps including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics by using AWS AppFlow and AppSync environments.


Win bigger deals with improved productivity

Streamlined access for the entire team enhances collaboration and coordination of growth prospects across complete account teams, extending beyond commercial resources.

The Planning + Execution Apps

Selling What’s Possible™ applications focus on increasing account revenue growth through higher win rates and bigger deal size based on account relationship types and growth objectives.


Plan maps individual accounts and opportunities within accounts by relationship and outcome type in order to profile and align the right capabilities and resources to achieve key account growth and retention objectives.


Possibility provides a structured approach for co-creating and advancing new sales initiatives with key account executive stakeholders. This approach allows account teams to close larger deals with a higher success rate.


Configure provides the ability to map relevant capabilities from an inventory of products, services, and IP to a new sales initiative, leveraging the knowledge of what has worked in the past.


Align provides the ability to map the right resources by role to each new sales initiative based on attributes, skills and past success rates for similar opportunities.


Pitch matches the right messaging to the outcomes expected by key account stakeholders from a centralized library of digital assets.

Explore the go-to-customer workflow


The Polaris I/O platform

Automates the collection of third-party and first-party intelligence to:

  • increase your pipelines
  • make it easier for your team to collaborate during the deal process
  • streamline your communications with your customer
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Enterprise Research Intelligence

Increase your opportunity pipeline

Automate research and create actionable growth opportunities to improve account team productivity, dramatically increase pipelines, and drive revenue.

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A better plan leads to bigger deals

Execute growth opportunities faster by centralizing your deal assets, team collaboration, and real-time account planning.

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Commercial Community

Increase client retention

Provide your key accounts with a personalized digital experience that centralizes account assets, integrated comms, and feedback mechanisms.

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