The Go to Customer Platform

Polaris I/O enables B2B organizations to protect, retain, and grow large accounts through a holistic customer insight, growth planning, and experience platform designed to improve commercial health. 


Why Go to Customer Is Important

Markets don’t write checks, customers do. Traditional go-to-market approaches assume that placing products in a market or region will create demand. In a post-COVID world, this is fantasy, not reality. Go to Customer is a growth strategy that models customer environments, maps your capabilities and expertise, and matches the right value-based messages to executive buyers based on desired outcomes.

What Customers Really Want
Go to customer shifts B2Bs from go to market activities to co-creating demand with customers.
Productitis cloud is created when B2Bs focus on products vs outcomes.

How Productitis Is Killing Your Commercial System

Whether it's diagnosed or not, all B2B companies suffer from Productitis. Productitis is a condition created when businesses over-rotate products and adopt go-to-market strategies pushing features and functions instead of aligning capabilities to client desired outcomes. This creates confusion, inefficiency, and poor commercial performance where the expense of sales and marketing outpaces revenue growth.

How to Diagnose Productitis

Commercial Ratio: The Ultimate Measurement

A vital component to managing your commercial health is knowing your company’s Commercial Ratio. The Commercial Ratio measures the overall productivity of commercial systems and is the ultimate measurement of sales and marketing efficiency. If your commercial health is failing due to Productitis, chances are your Commercial Ratio is in the red and worth a closer examination.

Calculate Your Commercial Ratio
The Commercial Ratio measures productivity.
Polaris I/O's orchestrated approach balances change top down, bottom up.

The Support You Need to Go to Customer Quickly

Sales is simple. Simple is hard. Aligning your resources around new go-to-customer growth strategies may feel like a daunting task. Our professional services team, Growth Enablement, will guide you through a proven, phased approach. Unlike other consulting firms, we immerse ourselves in your business. Together, we envision, design, and deploy transformation to drive better outcomes when it comes to selling contracts.

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Technology to Scale Large, Enterprise Accounts

Monitor and manage account portfolios like investment portfolios. Scale go-to-customer strategies and expand contractual relationships continuously. As a single platform, Polaris I/O unifies key account information, executable insights, customer solutions, and a superior digital experience. Our integrated applications simplify and support the systemic growth and sustainable commercial health of your business.

Operate at Scale
Polaris I/O integrated platform simplifies data and insights to scale large accounts.

Success Stories

$400M Logistics Company

Beta rollout to field in 3 months
50% increase in deal size
Set record for largest revenue per user ($22 to $76)

$3B Communications Technology Firm

Controlled launch to targeted key account reps in 3 months
Adoption and use for whole control group within 2 weeks
$350 million in additional pipeline generated

$1B Enterprise Software Company

100% increase in revenue within 1 year
100% of reps sold at least one new product
300% basis point margin improvement

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