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Unlock a New Frontier of Growth in Key Accounts

Modernize your approach. Unleash your potential.


Your key account program is outdated.

Key accounts spend the most

The Global 2000 drives 50% of the world's GDP. Add the top 1,000 private companies and governments, and 3,200 entities drive 80% of global economic productivity. That's only .001% of the 213 million businesses that exist worldwide.

Forbes, Refinitiv and Statista 2020
Forbes 2020

Polaris is designed for key accounts

These entities are entire markets unto themselves. On average, these companies own 142 other companies. To effectively mine key accounts for large-scale growth, requires new insights, methods, and technology.

You need a new way to maximize key accounts.

Go-to-customer is the new way

Digital disruption is requiring business to embrace new ways of driving growth in an environment where traditional demand has been forever changed. Co-creating demand with customers is now an essential component of any commercial strategy.

Go to customer shifts B2Bs from go to market activities to co-creating demand with customers.

“Every buying situation is unique. Work to understand the customer’s perspective to outperform competitors.”

Gartner - "Reinvent Your Go to Market Strategy" 2/22

See around corners

To increase pipelines and protect existing business you must constantly monitor key accounts changing objectives, challenges, priorities, and perspectives.

"Coordinate and execute touch points to engage stakeholders based on Situational Awareness."

Gartner - "Reinvent Your Go to Market Strategy" 2/22

Adapt and innovate

New growth opportunities with customers emerge everyday. Systematically modeling each customer's situation and changing conditions, mapping capabilities and resources, and matching the right message creates new routes to value.

"Align the strategies, functions and KPI’s of marketing, sales and service to enable situational awareness and multi-threaded engagement."

Gartner - "Reinvent Your Go to Market Strategy" 2/22

Digitize the experience

We live in an experience economy where the digital customer experience is paramount to commercial health. Providing a frictionless experience between account teams and customers digitally is vital to protecting, retaining, and growing large accounts systematically.

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Success stories

$400M Logistics Company

Beta rollout to field in 3 months
50% increase in deal size
Set record for largest revenue per user ($22 to $76)

$3B Communications Technology Firm

Controlled launch to targeted key account reps in 3 months
Adoption and use for whole control group within 2 weeks
$350 million in additional pipeline generated

$1B Enterprise Software Company

100% increase in revenue within 1 year
100% of reps sold at least one new product
300% basis point margin improvement

Backed by research

Polaris I/O has conducted the largest body of post-COVID research representing the most comprehensive study on the state of sales enablement to date, giving companies the actionable insights they need to thrive in today's digital economy.

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