Our North Star

Sales is about people. In a post-COVID world, maintaining and enhancing the human connection with customers requires a shift from a traditional go-to-market strategy to a go-to-customer strategy that creates exceptional commercial experiences and long-term commercial health.

Our Philosophy

If anything, COVID-19 accelerated the need for change. We live in a digital experience economy where the customer experience is paramount to commercial health. To remain healthy, businesses have to think differently and work backwards from their customers to provide the digital experience they expect and the outcomes they must achieve.

Polaris I/O focuses on driving outcomes for customers

How We’re Different

Polaris I/O is a holistic go-to-customer platform that combines transformation services, industry insights, and powerful technology to enable B2B companies to protect, retain, and grow large accounts. Our "wellness programs" take an outside-in approach to improving your commercial health, utilizing executive buyer insights to inform the orchestration of commercial activities that improve relationships, maximize growth, and scale beyond our engagement.

Executive Team

Client Engagement Team

Board of Directors

Our Partners

The Official Board is a premium supplier of real-time information on corporate organizational charts and executives to Polaris I/O.
The Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the world's leading research organization dedicated to helping technology companies achieve profitable growth and solve their top business challenges.
The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) has developed its proven approaches to successful SAM implementation through decades of benchmarking with the world’s foremost practitioners of strategic customer management.

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