Pipeline as a Service

Discover an untapped pipeline of new opportunities hidden within enterprise accounts.

The Total Addressable Account Pipeline:
Unidentified customer needs provide a large additional pipeline

The missing piece:
Unidentified customer needs

  • Expansive source of upstream customer expressed needs
  • 10-20x volume of typical average CRM pipeline
  • Translate into larger customer funded strategic initiatives
  • Span departments, subsidiaries, geographies, and levels
  • Competitive advantage if engaging client early
  • Proactive insights unlock significant growth opportunities

The pressure to build sales pipelines faster intensifies for commercial executives charged with revenue growth.

Learn how to find untapped opportunities

Common research challenges make it difficult to tap into customer needs.

Current state

Information overload

- Google Searches
- Hoovers Reports
- Linked In Look-Ups
- Financial Reports
- Investor Calls
- Trade Articles
- Newspapers
- Social Media

Current state

Irrelevant conversations

- Create an Opportunity
- Research Stakeholders
- Explain Plan to Team
- Create Pitch Materials
- Review with Team
- Explain Status to Mgmt.
- Explain Strategy to Mgmt.
- Review with Mgmt.

Current State

Internal fragmentation

- Email Notes and Updates
- Explain History
- Onboard New People
- Look For Files
- Email Files to Team
- Review Stakeholders
- Track Changes
- Explain Team Needs

Pipeline as a Service for enterprise accounts provides a very high return on investment compared to existing sales and marketing investments.

Typical return on investment by category


Pipeline as a Service

Polaris I/O


Customer Relationship Manager

Average ROI per Nucleus Research


Marketing Campaigns

Average ROMI per Google


Lead Generation

Average ROI per Google


Ad Campaigns

Average ROAS across industries per Nielsen


Account-based Marketing

Average ROI per Marketingprofs

See how Pipeline as a Service for enterprise accounts provides a higher ROI compared to other sales and marketing investments.

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How it works

Pipeline as a service is an automated workflow that populates opportunities within Unify. Opportunities are then connected to Opportunity Reports which make it simple for teams to structure sales strategies and collaborate on each growth opportunity.

Recent case studies

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

141x ROI

  • 50% reduction in internal time repurposed for external
  • 10x increase in pipeline
  • 3x increase in deal size
  • 2x increase in close rate
  • 50% reduction is sales cycle
  • Over $2M new revenue per account in 6 months
Fortune 50 Consulting Company

166x ROI

  • Competitive advantage for speed to need
  • Insights drove broad engagement quickly over 6- week period
  • Increased account revenue 33x
  • Won new 8 figure engagements per account
Fortune 1000 Media Company

119x ROI

  • 20x increase in pipeline
  • 5x increase in deal size
  • Competitive advantage for speed to need
  • Improved productivity enabling HC reduction
  • Won new 7 figure engagement


The Polaris I/O platform

Automates the collection of third-party and first-party intelligence to:

  • increase your pipelines
  • make it easier for your team to collaborate during the deal process
  • streamline your communications with your customer
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Enterprise Research Intelligence

Increase your opportunity pipeline

Automate research and create actionable growth opportunities to improve account team productivity, dramatically increase pipelines, and drive revenue.

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A better plan leads to bigger deals

Execute growth opportunities faster by centralizing your deal assets, team collaboration, and real-time account planning.

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Commercial Community

Increase client retention

Provide your key accounts with a personalized digital experience that centralizes account assets, integrated comms, and feedback mechanisms.

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