The enterprise account platform

Polaris I/O automates gathering intelligence, enhances collaboration in deal processes, and streamlines customer communications to boost pipelines.

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How the platform works

It’s simple. Polaris I/O automates account research, planning & execution, and ongoing digital engagement across complex enterprise accounts.

Enterprise Research Intelligence

Identify valuable growth opportunities from key account needs that are relevant and actionable

Each day, AI-driven processes align account needs, updates, and industry data with your business playbooks, supported by human expertise.

  • Be the first to address account needs and priorities
  • Match needs and priorities to your capabilities
  • Map key decision makers involved in making a buying decision
  • Add new growth opportunities to your pipeline
  • Increase the number, type, and size of opportunities
  • Understand customer perspectives
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Account Planning + Execution

Engineer growth strategies and execution to optimize deal size, close rates, sales cycles, and business outcomes for all account stakeholders

Accelerate larger deals by coordinating growth initiatives, centralizing assets, and monitoring value creation with key decision-making stakeholders. Account planning and execution in real-time:

  • Monitor every opportunity and initiative step by step
  • Centralize opportunity assets
  • Collaborate across entire team without restriction
  • Choose the right deal type based on the situation
  • Map capabilities to optimize stakeholder outcomes
  • Align the right resources to deliver
  • Match the best value propositions that are proven to work
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Commercial Community

Achieve annual growth through systematic expansion, co-creating solutions with account stakeholder issues to build trust and long-term viability

Growth and retention go hand in hand. Grow and retain key accounts by providing a personalized digital experience that centralizes account assets, integrated communications, and feedback mechanisms.

  • Custom account dashboards mapped to each stakeholder
  • Shared workspaces
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Easier and efficient communications
  • Centralized access to relationship assets
  • Expanded relationships
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Modernize growth strategy and execution

Custom Account Planning

Modernize your account plan

We work one-on-one with your team to bring your account plans to life within the platform.

Polaris Assist AI
AI-enabled deal engineering

Powered by Polaris Assist

Engineer up to 40x bigger deals with Polaris Assist, your AI-powered commercial assistant.

workflow integration

Bring your favorite tools

Polaris updates and enhances other systems with custom fields and external data to add value and increase coverage and accuracy.

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The Polaris I/O platform

Automates the collection of third-party and first-party intelligence to:

  • increase your pipelines
  • make it easier for your team to collaborate during the deal process
  • streamline your communications with your customer
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Enterprise Research Intelligence

Increase your opportunity pipeline

Automate research and create actionable growth opportunities to improve account team productivity, dramatically increase pipelines, and drive revenue.

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A better plan leads to bigger deals

Execute growth opportunities faster by centralizing your deal assets, team collaboration, and real-time account planning.

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Commercial Community

Increase client retention

Provide your key accounts with a personalized digital experience that centralizes account assets, integrated comms, and feedback mechanisms.

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