Go-to-customer approach and execution platform


At Polaris I/O, we believe that enterprise accounts represent markets in and of themselves

The amount of spending is so vast in these large organizations, an account team could spend a lifetime, and often do, mining new opportunities for growth every day.

Enterprise accounts often reflect the “80/20 rule” for most companies and in the fact that 80% of revenue and margin come from less than 20% of customers.

At Polaris I/O, we are on a mission to modernize how companies “go to customer” to achieve outsized growth yields efficiently through productivity gains, deal engineering, orchestration across disparate silos as well as optimal alignment of capabilities, resources and value… all in a collaborative environment.

Holistic approach

Our applications span the full growth lifecycle for enterprise accounts from growth opportunity identification through modernized shared digital collaboration with customers.


Our applications run on deep reservoirs of data collected from 100s of external and internal sources to provide a continuous stream of knowledge and insights.


The platform is engineered specifically to provide automated analysis, predictions, and recommendations so you can enhance win rates.


We proactively collaborate with account teams daily, identifying actionable growth opportunities and developing effective cross-sell and upsell programs.

From the ceo

The founding concept

Polaris I/O was founded based on decades of experience in observing the gap between the vast growth opportunities that exist at enterprise accounts and the tools available to account teams to mine these opportunities. The sheer expanse of these enterprise accounts and the volume and frequency of shifting customer needs outpace the ability of teams to keep up and stay relevant and timely day to day with customers. Add to this complexity internal fragmentation across products lines, departments, capabilities and people – it’s virtually impossible to quickly orchestrate cohesive solutions to customer problems.

A modern approach is needed to overcome the constraints of highly manual online research, Powerpoint, Excel, and email driven toolkits account teams rely on to manage extensive and complex growth initiatives and account relationships. Creating a systematic and automated approach to identifying customer expressed needs and aligning insights, relationships, goals, capabilities, resources value propositions through to achieved desired outcomes on a sustainable long-term basis is foundational to commercial success with enterprise accounts – the customers that matter the most.

This is what Polaris I/O is designed to do for commercial teams to achieve their growth and retention goals and assignments in a much more efficient, insight driven and collaborative way.

Dave Irwin

Founder + CEO of Polaris I/O

Dave has 30 years of experience in B2B as President, GM, CMO, and CSO. He is recognized as an AI, marketing, and sales enablement expert. He is also a growth leader with a strong history of innovation.

A rich history and deep expertise in data and analytics-driven sales and marketing systems, as well as applications and digital experiences.

Data + AI-driven analytics

It all starts with actionable account insights derived from broad and extensive public and private research that is automated and cataloged for easy activation. We gather and structure comprehensive information from various sources related to key accounts. Our process involves tailoring search criteria, applying source filters, summarizing data, and facilitating seamless sharing and notifications for teams. This enables teams to collaborate continuously, synthesizing insights and identifying new growth opportunities in an ongoing manner.


Our platform harnesses the power of advanced cloud computing capabilities with shared and private cloud options, and state of the art AI and BI tools embedded in our applications to drive a high degree of automation, productivity, speed, information sharing, collaboration, and a workflow with fewer steps. Working together, we’ll create an account interface that optimizes workflows for both your internal staff and external partners, leveraging AI technology to reduce manual tasks and improve efficiency.


Polaris I/O connects via existing APIs to key applications you currently have as part of your workflow. Polaris I/O updates and enhances other systems with custom fields and external data that add value and increase coverage and accuracy including new pipeline opportunities, stakeholder changes, status updates, changes in field values, and keeps multiple systems in sync and updated.

Certification Program

Master the go-to-customer methodology

Solving account business problems requires a different mindset and approach when it comes to aligning thought leadership, insights, approach and value to key stakeholders involved. Polaris I/O helps account teams work backwards from how executive buyers think, how they make decisions, what they want to see, how they value solutions that address critical needs and priorities. Even how they created funded initiatives that businesses can connect to win a high value opportunity.


We strive to work with partners that can leverage our platform to improve their clients’ performance and capabilities. From big consulting firm partners to OEM and smaller boutique firms, Polaris I/O works with leading companies that offer CRM and Account Management strategy practices where we can help execute more efficient approaches to growth.

The Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the world's leading research organization dedicated to helping technology companies achieve profitable growth and solve their top business challenges.

The Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) has developed its proven approaches to successful SAM implementation through decades of benchmarking with the world’s foremost practitioners of strategic customer management.

The Official Board is a premium supplier of real-time information on corporate organizational charts and executives to Polaris I/O.


Polaris I/O works with an extensive range of private investors who are business leaders that know the modernized approach we take to addressing what is now extremely manual and ripe for automation is market leading for the enterprise sector.