Commercial Community

Create a modern commercial community

Deliver a digital experience that matches the value of your business to each customer stakeholder in a personalized way.

Miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings and problems

Maintaining clear and consistent communication within the account team and with the customer is essential. 

Integrated Communication

Move past email to online environments that foster collaboration with customers

Nurturing stakeholder relationships lies at the heart of achieving growth, expansion, and customer retention. Open communication and a feedback loop fosters vital collaboration with customers and optimizes resource allocation within the organization, ultimately orchestrating exceptional customer outcomes.

Centralized Assets

Consolidate valuable account assets across planning, insights, growth initiatives, relationship management, and delivery in one place

Give your best accounts instant access to essential information online, empowering them to self-serve and stay informed. This frictionless experience delights stakeholders, boosts productivity for internal teams, and ultimately drives more business.

Personalized Dashboards

Tailor content and updates to each stakeholder's specific interests and needs, delivered daily for maximum engagement

Empower each stakeholder based on their role that provides access to the relevant information to them. Executives dive into high-level insights, operations stay tuned with real-time updates, and procurement navigates contracts and new features with ease. Intuitive mobile and desktop views, bolstered by proactive alerts, fuel engagement and outshine the competition.

Flexible Workspaces

Provide a place for collaboration with customers

Imagine seamlessly offering customers relevant insights, actionable examples, and a digital space to team up with experts and peers. The result? Faster, more frequent collaboration, explosive growth for you, and tangible value for them.

Value Affirmation

Consolidate valuable account assets

Engaging in real-time conversations with customers through notes, messages, or quick questions allows you to dynamically align your value messaging with their specific situation. This results in faster deal closures, shorter sales cycles, and delighted customers who appreciate your responsiveness to their urgent needs.

Performance Monitor

Show them what they want

Move beyond the QBR process and embrace real-time performance insights. As a key business partner, show them you are constantly focused on their success by delivering results aligned with their goals. Go beyond the static report by proactively sharing improvements and best practices, making you a partner who truly values their every win.

The Commercial Community Apps

Engage apps focus on strengthening account relationships by developing commercial communities that are supported by a collaborative digital experience.


Engage provides a seamless digital experience to external and internal team members by enabling joint access to relevant information based on role in a centralized place that facilitates collaboration.


Provide customers with insights or examples of how to solve a problem they recently encountered and offering to help them assess the situation in a digital collaboration space. The speed and frequency of collaboration will increase dramatically, driving growth for you and value to them.

Explore the go-to-customer workflow


The Polaris I/O platform

Automates the collection of third-party and first-party intelligence to:

  • increase your pipelines
  • make it easier for your team to collaborate during the deal process
  • streamline your communications with your customer
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Enterprise Research Intelligence

Increase your opportunity pipeline

Automate research and create actionable growth opportunities to improve account team productivity, dramatically increase pipelines, and drive revenue.

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A better plan leads to bigger deals

Execute growth opportunities faster by centralizing your deal assets, team collaboration, and real-time account planning.

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Commercial Community

Increase client retention

Provide your key accounts with a personalized digital experience that centralizes account assets, integrated comms, and feedback mechanisms.

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