Selling What’s PossibleTM  is a strategic, systematic approach that enables sales teams cocreate value with executivelevel customers.

Why is Selling What's Possible important?

The world has changed. The future of sales is co-creating demand with enterprise customers at an executive level. Executive buyers want to partner with companies that understand their business challenges and can help them envision a path forward, but they only find 11 percent of sales conversations to be valuable. 

What does the program do?

The Selling What’s Possible program enables strategic sellers to meet with executive decision-makers about their outcomes and drive value for the organization. After years of research and working with executive clients, we’ve developed a process that helps sales teams unlock economic value for new and existing customers.

The Digital Transformation Journey

Selling What’s Possible provides sales teams with the tools and resources to connect the dots between selling tactics and business strategy. 

How Selling What's Possible works

Successful selling requires selling differently. Your world is complex. Your customer’s world is complex. In order to co-create demand, you need to help your customers navigate through the complexity and see the road ahead.  

Customers buy from salespeople who can collaborate on a path to success. Research indicates that you will win 75 percent of the time if you help your clients envision what success looks like. By selling what’s possible to each of your enterprise accounts, you can systematically yield large contract growth.

Model Map Match

Selling What’s Possible is a sales program that enables sales teams to co-create demand. Co-creating demand is a process. The Selling What’s Possible program guides sales teams through the process of co-creating demand at every step along the customer journey. 


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