Go to Customer: Markets Don't Write Checks, Customers Do

The cornerstone of marketing strategy, the Go-to-Market principle was first outlined in the mid-1960s during the mass communication phase driven by the combination of television and shopping malls.

We still learn “the 4Ps” as the pillars of Go-to-Market strategy: Product. Place. Promotion. Price. These are the same pillars most businesses use for their commercial process today. While this model worked well to drive a service economy in the past, it is antiquated in our modern digital economy.

Today, as a sales, marketing, or sales enablement leader, you have to create demand and help many stakeholders overcome their desire to hold on to the status quo.

The key to differentiation in the modern world is experience. Namely, the overall buying experience. If your business goal is to drive profitable growth, you will need to move away from a Go-to-Market model that puts the product at the heart of everything.

The key to success in the modern economy is to develop a Go-to-Customer strategy. We are replacing the old 4Ps with new ones: Possibility. Pattern. Path. Proof. This requires stepping away from separating your sales structure from your day-to-day operations and creating a flexible portfolio of operating models.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the classic approach consulting companies take to help you go to market restricts your growth opportunity.
  • Why you need to develop a far more flexible and integrated commercial approach.
  • What the four primary revenue rhythms are and how to organize your commercial system around them.
  • How to evolve from managing random acts of enablement to driving enabling programs.

Don’t miss this final webinar in our six-part series providing an overview of commercial enablement.

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