Uncover Hidden Commercial Costs: Find Waste. Reinvest in Growth.

How well aligned is your sales and marketing spending on driving business outcomes?

How much of your spending is going towards growth, and what are you spending to retain existing customers?

How much duplication of resources does your company have?

If you are like most organizations, your sales, and marketing spending is so decentralized, it is hard to know where the resources are being over-invested and where they are under-invested.

As we move into the new normal and sales and marketing spending is more closely monitored, having a complete view of how your company is investing its resources would be invaluable. But who has the time, energy, patience, or money to invest to go through so many different budgets to get any insights?

Join us for a very special webinar where we will review our Hidden Commercial Cost model. Built-in collaboration with 6 CFOs in blue chip organizations, it applies activity-based costing principles and data-driven modeling to rapidly estimate spending categories across sales and marketing and identify optimization opportunities.

What is the model?
What insights does it generate?
How does it relate to the Commercial Ratio?

These are just a few of the questions that will be answered.

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