Sales Enablement Is at a Crossroads: Where Do We Go from Here?

This is webinar No. 1 of 6 which is part of the Commercial Enablement Series, the most comprehensive research on the state of sales enablement to date.

What exactly “is” sales enablement?

It doesn’t pass any litmus of being a profession, yet the Sales Enablement Society has over 6,000 members since its founding in 2017. The field has three software companies with over $100M in revenue (Seismic, Showpad, and Highspot), yet in over the ten years space has yet to produce a successful exit (acquisition or IPO).

A crisis tests the mettle of any person, organization, system, or process. COVID-19 is forcing the sales enablement community to confront the question once in for all: “what is the economic value of sales enablement brings to an organization.”

Scott Santucci will be leading a webinar to present findings from an unprecedented study.

With 102 open-ended survey responses from sales enablement leaders, 43 interviews from enablement experts across all niches in the community, and six-panel discussions with different groups; he’s pulled together the most complete study of sales enablement; all during the COVID crisis.

What will you get out of attending?

  1. A clear picture of the current state of sales enablement.
  2. The impact COVID is having on the space, and what the implications are for the future of sales enablement.
  3. A classification of different types of sales enablement functions by business impact and scope. This will help you plot where your company is and how aligned with the new business reality you are.
  4. Practical criteria to evaluate your sales enablement function including leadership attributes and performance markers based on top-performing organizations.
  5. Recommendations for how to communicate the appropriate scope of a sales enablement function to your CEO and executive team.

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