Polaris I/O

A streamlined enterprise platform covering the entire account growth lifecycle.

Platform overview

Enterprise Research Intelligence

Software designed to continuously grow and nurture the size and quality of your opportunity pipelines.

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Account Planning and Execution

Land more deals faster with relevancy, orchestration, and alignment.

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Commercial Community

Protect and grow account relationships by anticipating customer needs

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The current environment

Account teams face multiple challenges in growing key accounts including disseminating many sources of account information, creating contextually relevant sales conversations by stakeholder and coordinating with internal resources to pursue initiatives over long periods of time.

"To bridge the disconnect between what commercial organizations do and what the buyers need requires situational understanding."


Save up to 24 hours a week on research

Account teams face challenges due to information overload, irrelevant conversations, and internal fragmentation. Gartner reports that 83% of sellers find it difficult to adapt to changing customer needs. Polaris addresses this by modernizing key account research, starting with monitoring essential account aspects globally, such as needs, goals, challenges, competitive factors, and more. Discover how we leverage external account intelligence to drive informed growth opportunities.

  • Manual searching financial reports, social media, news articles, investor calls
  • Having irrelevant conversations with customers
  • Losing account info when a team member leaves
  • AI automated news and data search
  • Automatic stakeholder contact info updates
  • AI automated email creation
  • Centralized chat history and notes
  • Automated updates to team members

“Today’s buyer teams can include as many as 20 stakeholders, each of whom relies on different sources of conflicting information along an increasingly self-service buying journey. This creates massive variation in how any given buyer organization arrives at a deal, and renders standard engagement practices ineffective.”


Save up to 180 hours a week on account planning and execution

In the enterprise sector complexity can quickly overpower account teams. Manual approaches to account planning are tedious and rigid leading to static views of key accounts that aren’t actionable. Polaris I/O brings your key account planning online to marry strategy and execution in one place. Extending account planning to deal analysis, capability, resource, and value proposition alignment to address account needs systematically to drive desired outcomes drives continuous growth, improves connects disparate capabilities, optimizes resource allocation, and identifies the best ways to communicate value.

  • Excel and PPT driven
  • Manual reports
  • Disparate inputs
  • Difficult to summarize
  • Narrow focus
  • Difficult to update
  • Real-time content changes
  • Automated reports
  • Collaborative commenting and sharing
  • AI-assisted summaries
  • Centralized updates

The Polaris I/O difference

Our company


Our applications span the full growth lifecycle for enterprise accounts from growth opportunity identification through modernized shared digital collaboration with customers.


Our applications run on deep reservoirs of data collected from 100s of external and internal sources to provide a continuous stream of knowledge and insights.


Polaris Assist is engineered specifically to provide automated analysis, predictions, and recommendations so you can enhance win rates.


We proactively collaborate with account teams daily, identifying actionable growth opportunities and developing effective cross-sell and upsell programs.

Explore our deal engineering workflow.


The Polaris I/O platform

Automates the collection of third party and first party intelligence to increase your pipelines, makes it easier for your team to collaborate during the deal process, and streamlines your communications with your customer.

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Enterprise Research Intelligence

Increase your opportunity pipeline

Automate research and create actionable growth opportunities to improve account team productivity, dramatically increase pipelines, and drive revenue.

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A better plan leads to bigger deals

Execute growth opportunities faster by centralizing your deal assets, team collaboration, and real-time account planning.

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Commercial Community

Increase client retention

Provide your key accounts with a personalized digital experience that centralizes account assets, integrated comms, and feedback mechanisms.

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Backed by research

Polaris I/O has conducted the largest body of post-COVID research representing the most comprehensive study on the state of sales enablement to date, giving companies the actionable insights they need to thrive in today's digital economy.

2024 Year of the Customer

Learn about the five ways Go-to-Customer (GTC) operates differently, what’s required and what results can be…

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Modernize to Empower Existing Key Account Teams

Increase productivity across existing resources by modernizing your systems.

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In a Recession, Modernize to Empower Key Account Teams

Acquiring and retaining talent, upskilling, and reskilling are top of mind for business leaders in today’s…

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