Systematically Execute Expand Selling for Growth

Given the pace of change in a post-pandemic, digital environment and a challenging economic climate, your customers’ expectations are evolving. To effectively navigate customer accounts for growth, suppliers need to continuously understand these changing needs and adapt to the different network of customer roles involved in solving problems and making decisions. The largest key accounts represent massive spending, broad expansion opportunities, and high growth if you can meet and exceed expectations.

Today, working backward from customers to align capabilities and messages against the desired outcomes of account stakeholders is a highly manual process. Top performers spend significantly more time doing account research to be successful, but the amount of change affecting business has overrun the ability to keep up.

Key topics that will be addressed in this session include:

  • Modernizing how to continuously engage with customers regarding their evolving needs.
  • Embracing a new buyer journey of co-creation with your customers to drive new opportunities.
  • Improving team collaboration to navigate buyer networks more effectively.

Join Dave Irwin, of Polaris I/O, and TSIA’s John Ragsdale, as they discuss modernizing expand selling capabilities to reduce manual and inefficient approaches to account research and reallocate time against customers’ expressed needs that can be quickly converted into expansion opportunities.

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Presented By:

John Ragsdale
Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems, TSIA

Dave Irwin
Founder and CEO, Polaris I/O