Polaris I/O Announces New Go-to-Customer Sales Program, Selling What’s PossibleTM

New sales program helps sales teams get in rhythm with their largest accounts to continuously configure and align value with customer desired outcomes to accelerate contract growth and prevent account loss

Chicago, IL (July 20, 2021) – Polaris I/O, the holistic go-to-customer platform, announced today a new go-to-customer sales program, Selling What’s PossibleTM. The program is designed to help sales teams get in rhythm with their largest accounts to continuously configure capabilities and align value with the broad range of a customer’s desired outcomes to stop missing opportunities that benefit both parties and leaving money on the table.  

Selling What’s Possible is a proven sales methodology that enables B2B companies to continuously align value to enterprise executive wallet owners, stakeholders, and agreement networks in a systematic way to drive accelerated contract and revenue growth over time. Revenue is dependent on customer contracts that must first be won and then enriched, enlarged, extended, expanded, or elevated. Selling What’s Possible is designed is designed to reconcile these growth strategies and the inability to execute them systematically. 

Why another sales methodology? Traditional sales methods are “go to market” approaches that focus on customer acquisition tied to pre-defined products and solutions. These approaches focus on responding to existing demand from customers but fail to take advantage of the many opportunities to create demand. Selling What’s Possible is an adaptive approach that embraces continuous changes in customer challenges on a broad basis and realigns business value constantly to solve the problems that customers are prioritizing and funding.  

Selling What’s Possible is a methodology focused on enterprise accounts, which are key strategic accounts that can drive significant growth because of their outsized spending capacity. Capturing greater wallet share at these enormous global accounts requires a different way of navigating departments, regions, and executive levels with far more intelligence and orchestration of people, capabilities, and resources than is typically in place today.  

“More than 10 years of executive buyer research has informed the effectiveness of this program with connected applications and learning techniques to support global account teams at scale. We are excited to make this proven program truly scalable at a time when digital disruption combined with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on pipelines, revenue performance, and commercial health,” said Scott Santucci, Chief Research Officer for Polaris I/O and President of Growth Enablement, its professional services arm. “We are helping companies right now improve their value messaging, simplify how they interface with these complex customer organizations, and better align internally to overcome their own product silos to unlock the true potential of all the value trapped inside.” 

Aligning and focusing teams with the right tools and methods to be successful can dramatically increase growth contract revenue. Since 80 percent of revenue is typically driven from these enterprise accounts globally, mastering the science of engaging these customers effectively can drive massive growth at a lower cost.  

To learn more about Selling What’s Possible, visit www.polarisio.com/selling-whats-possible/ or email info@polarisio.com to request additional information for your organization. 

About Polaris I/O

Polaris I/O, the holistic go-to-customer platform, is changing the way sales organizations manage the health of their commercial systems to protect, retain, and grow enterprise accounts. To remain healthy, businesses must sell differently and work backwards from their customers to provide the digital experience they expect and the outcomes they must achieve. By connecting people, process, information, and technology, the platform enables organizations to orchestrate change, unlock value, and align resources to drive customer outcomes and business goals. Polaris I/O is the only holistic go-to-customer platform designed by and for business leaders and their organizations to answer the challenges of a modern digital experience economy, and win. To learn more, please visit polarisio.com.