The State of Sales Enablement 2020: Insights for the Post-COVID Era

Insights for the Post-COVID Era from Leaders, Practitioners, and Consultants

As organizations grapple with what it means to enable growth in the post-pandemic environment, they’re also struggling with limited growth that predates COVID-19. Over the past decade, the overwhelming focus has been on “ fixing” salespeople, as if they’re the root cause of the stagnation.

Rather, the commercial system is broken, not the people, and businesses need to turn their focus to examining the complexity of their existing sales and marketing ecosystems.

In this paper, we’ll explore:

  • A Word About Methodology: Blended Research
  • The Current State: Sales Enablement Consultants
  • The Current State: Sales Leadership
  • The Current State: Sales Enablement Leaders
  • Wrap-up: It’s Time to Get Clear on The Mission of Sales Enablement

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