An integrated partnership and disciplined roadmap to improve commercial performance

What You'll Experience Working with Polaris I/O

Unlike other consulting agencies who are focused on producing stagnant “deliverables” for you, we’re committed to achieving outcomes with you. That’s why we begin every project, every program by agreeing to a measurable success statement so it’s clear we share accountability for your success.

Over the years, we have refined a commercial model that enables your team to monitor our progress. There is complete transparency throughout the entire process.

Process Overview

Working with sales and sales enablement, we map out:

  • Phase
  • Purpose
  • Process & Steps
  • Goal for each phase

Here's an Example Roadmap

Example roadmap and Polaris I/O process overview

Purpose: Your vision is where you will take your clients

Process: Customer Modeling > Economic Value Analysis > Value Driver Framework > Capability Map > Value Map & Deck

Outcome: Create a common customer-centered foundation to tailor packaging and drive account-specific opportunity profiling.

Purpose: Applying account-specific research to create a thesis.

Process: Account Research > Budget Map > Possibility Inventory > Brand Plus > Engagement Plan

Outcome: Create the executable insights required access

Purpose: To develop a proactive examination to uncover multiple opportunities within an account.

Process: Scope Problem > Discovery Strategy > Gap Analysis > Agreement Network > Vision Statement

Outcome: Generate multiple possibility profiles to be shared with an executive to create an opportunity.

Purpose: Create documented clarity of business requirements and capability between you and the client

Process: Visualization > Goals & Obstacles > Teaming Strategy > Approach Framework > Solution

Outcome: Develop more repeatable and effective methods to collaborate with clients for solutioning.

Purpose: Your vision for where it will take clients.

Process: Value Story > Business Case > Solution Development > Internal Selling > Proposal Process

Outcome: Ensure the bid and proposal teams follow the win themes for the account.

Sales Is Simple. Simple Is Hard.

Shifting your sales and marketing from GTM strategy focused on complex activities to GTC strategy focused cohesive experience systems is no small task. Our “wellness programs” take an outside-in approach to improving your commercial health through holistic and sustainable go-to-customer strategies that improve relationships, maximize growth, and scale beyond our engagement. If you haven’t already, learn more about our proven approach.

A Team Built to Orchestrate Success

While you’ll benefit from our extensive experience and IP to drive enterprise success, we don’t have all the answers and don’t claim to. We immerse ourselves into your business and work with you day-to-day. We know the best commercial system solutions are inclusive of different functions; we will figure out what’s right for you as we go.

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