Which accounts are right for Go to Customer? The best way to know is to have your business assessed by Polaris I/O.

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Have questions? We’re sure you do. The success of your business is uncertain and people’s jobs are on the line. We’ll schedule an informal yet structured conversation to learn about your pain points, key accounts, and goals. We’ll discuss which Polaris I/O wellness programs are right for you, and determine next steps if additional conversations are needed with stakeholders, or if you’re ready for a discovery session.

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The Discovery Session

We begin by doing a baseline assessment to understand how interconnected your commercial process is, figure out your strengths, understand and prioritize the barriers preventing you from success, and then determine where you are wasting resources. With a commercial ratio so low and a market in a state of high disruption, finding obvious, low-hanging fruit will only require a lightweight, accelerated assessment. We typically perform this analysis within 4-6 weeks and then present our findings and recommendations to your team.

The 3 Areas a Baseline Assessment Includes:

1. Your strengths

In order to understand your customer’s perspective, we will interview your top customers and determine what value they see in business relationships with your organization and your top salespeople. By combining these two data points we will have a firm understanding of your company’s potential economic value.

2. Your pipeline mechanism

Over the past 20 years, we’ve built an assumptive driving model that factors in a variety of cause and effect relationships to help us rapidly and accurately diagnose and prioritize the most common barriers preventing any sales team from being successful. In a matter of a few days, we will have a clear picture of the biggest obstacles preventing our team from succeeding.

3. Your hidden costs

We collaborated with several CFOs and applied activity-based costing principles to build a highly accurate model to assess the hidden costs of sales. After calibrating our assumptions with your finance team, we will have a picture of your cost structure within days.

The goal of the baseline analysis is to:

Understand and prioritize value

Define the levers to pull that will yield the most results

Identify waste that can be pockets and or reinvested for better use

What to Expect from Our Engagement

Following our baseline assessment, the real fun begins. We immerse ourselves in your business, in your teams, and start doing the real work. Our proven, phased approach ensures that your go-to-customer roadmap takes your organization from strategy to execution with executive-level buy in and cross-department collaboration along the way. Following our roadmap, most companies are ready to go to customer in 90 days.

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