In a recession, key account cross-selling and retention is essential. Increase productivity across existing resources by modernizing your systems.

The Current Environment

Account teams face multiple challenges in growing key accounts including disseminating many sources of account information, creating contextually relevant sales conversations by stakeholders, and coordinating with internal resources to pursue initiatives over long periods of time.

Challenge #1

Information Overload

The amount of external information account teams must research on their own is immense and growing. To make matters worse, continuously prioritizing compelling customer events, connecting the right plays to the right stakeholders, coordinating pursuit strategies as a team, and tracking each new opportunity over long periods of time is next to impossible to manage manually.

“...commercial leaders across the marketing, sales and service functions must work together to align their strategies, streamline execution and drive collaboration through commercial convergence.”

Gartner, Reinvent Your Go-to-Market Strategy, 2/22

Gartner expects that by 2026...

"B2B organizations that unify commercial strategies and leverage multithreaded commercial engagements will realize revenue growth that outperforms their competition by 50%."  – Gartner

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