How to implement holistic and sustainable go-to-customer enablement programs quickly

Sales Is Simple. Simple Is Hard. We Can Help.

Unlike other consulting firms, we immerse ourselves in your day-to-day business. The team at Polaris I/O is here to help you improve commercial performance through holistic and sustainable go-to-customer enablement programs. We use proven frameworks and methodologies, skillful facilitation, and best-in-class commercial expertise to achieve outcomes and eliminate random acts of sales enablement.

Polaris I/O connects people, information, technology and process.

When you eliminate random acts of sales enablement, a whole new world of possible outcomes reveals itself. We believe the best solutions are inclusive of cross-functional perspectives. So we bring together all the elements required for success in a complex commercial system and develop a cross-functional language to make communication easier.

Orchestration aligns people, process, information, and technology and connects the dots between:

  • Human understanding (biases, organizational boundaries, risks, etc.)
  • Process and business savvy (executive alignment, leadership change, etc.)
  • Information and functional excellence (product marketing, marketing, sales, sales ops, etc.)
  • Technology and tools (segmentation, sales methodologies, CRM, etc.)

Model Map Match: A Quick Solution to Simplify Complex Problems

Traditional go-to-market strategies develop messages based on products and put many product-centric materials in the hands of salespeople who then take it to customers. This “one-size-fits-all” approach misses the mark. It creates confusion for customers and an overwhelming burden on salespeople to align the message with their audience. By comparison, we take an outside-in approach. We utilize executive buyer insights to inform the orchestration of commercial activities that transform relationships and maximize growth.

Polaris I/O's Model Map Match approach works backwards from customers.

Our Routes to Value program leverages our model-map-match method to work backwards from the customer and allows you to start achieving results without being disruptive to current ongoing operations.

  • Model out the agreement network for your customer
  • Map and organize the capabilities that you have that add value to that customer
  • Match or connect the dots by creating a value map so your customers can envision economic value

Value maps will look different for different customers based on the different outcome patterns but the goal is the same — to create one picture of the value you provide that’s relevant to the targeted stakeholders’ world, not yours.

3 Phases to Rolling Out Enabling Programs

We believe in moving quickly but moving smartly. Following a disciplined plan, we can guide your company from strategy through execution and deployment in 90 days.

1. Prototype

Develop a cross-functional group (tiger team) to work collaboratively and cross-functionally to quickly develop a “formula of success.” Includes building a defined experience for a targeted audience with a desired goal in mind and testing with a small group of accounts.

2. Preparation

Make the experience repeatable beyond the core team and with consistent quality. Requires auditing of all the groups involved and orchestrating new ways of working and simplification of business processes across the company.

3. Scale

Develop methods to deliver the experience to more people, with greater speed, at lower costs. Includes codifying the overall environment (policy, structure, technology, skills, culture, etc.) required to scale the formula of success.

Example Program Results

Here is the interesting thing about tackling complex problems – if you take the time to understand all of the cause and effect relationships, you can always find simple solutions that have enormous impacts. Routes to Value is both a go-to-customer strategy and an integrated message enablement program designed to match the breadth of your capabilities to the needs of targeted buying centers. It’s proven to provide cohesion between customers and salespeople and increase deal size.

$400M Logistics Company

Beta rollout to the field in 3 months
50% increase in deal size
Set record for largest revenue per user ($22 to $76)

$3B Communications Technology Firm

Controlled launch to targeted key account reps in 3 months
Adoption and use for whole control group within 2 weeks
$350 million in additional pipeline generated

$1B Enterprise Software Company

100% increase in revenue
within 1 year
100% of reps sold at least
one of the new product
300% basis point margin improvement

Operating at Scale

Once you have your go-to-customer strategy and value communications in place, you’ll want to track and monitor how well you’re performing with your customers in real time. Our holistic go-to-customer platform includes a suite of integrated applications that will enable your business to protect, retain, and grow large accounts.

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