Enabling businesses to transform commercial systems using a holistic go-to-customer methodology

Overcome Productitis with Sales Enablement Programs

Diagnosing the problem of Productitis is one thing. Treating it and keeping it in check is another. We exist to help commercial leaders of B2B companies keep their Productitis under control for good. Our professional services focus on developing wellness programs to treat Productitis and improve your commercial system. To provide the medicine to manage the disease, we also create client-facing, integrated sales and marketing programs we call enabling programs.

Scott Santucci leads digital sales enablement programs

An Immersive Partnership

Growth Enablement is the professional services arm of Polaris I/O dedicated to improving the performance of your sales force. Scott Santucci, the godfather of the sales enablement practice and founder of Growth Enablement, leads the team. By combining consulting and professional services with decades of scientific research, data, and technology, we provide you with the tools you need to build better relationships with your customers and grow revenue. Together, we envision, design, and deploy transformation from the outside-in.

The Business of Your Success

We start with a rapid baseline assessment to help companies understand how interconnected their commercial processes are, uncover strengths, understand and prioritize the barriers preventing success, and then help determine where resources are being wasted. We then unlock growth by developing highly-targeted enabling programs to systematically eliminate random acts of sales enablement. This combination of reducing waste while also focusing on “what works” creates successful results.


Improvement in new product sales over 12 months


Qualified opportunities in strategic account group


Increase in first meetings with executive buyers


Increase in average deal size, a 33% decrease in sales cycle time

Our Go-to-Customer Mandate

To enable your business to pivot from a go-to-market approach focused on complex product-centric activities that have created Productitis to a go-to-customer approach focused on cohesive systems that provide valued outcomes for customers, we map our findings to a strategic framework. The baseline assessment also reveals which type of sales enablement functions will have the greatest impact.

Polaris I/O go-to-customer strategy mandate includes Strategy Translation.

Strategy Translation

How will you convert your vision into executable insights so your clients can realize a business outcome that results in economic value?

Polaris I/O go-to-customer strategy mandate includes Resource Allocation.

Resource Allocation

Do you have the right resources, configured the right way to capitalize on the big bets you’re making to drive value for your customers?

Polaris I/O go-to-customer strategy mandate includes Talent Enablement.

Targeted Enablement

Are the various activities to aid the revenue acquisition process aligned so they add value to your customers and are utilized by salespeople?

Polaris I/O go-to-customer strategy mandate includes Growth Yield.

Growth Yield

How well are you maintaining the overall working environment (technology, culture, policies, structure, etc.) to drive successful customer outcomes?

Our Enabling Programs Gain Executive Sponsorship

Our Growth Enablement team leverages design thinking principles to proactively drive the change management process with minimizing disruption. Our enabling programs gain executive sponsorship because they include orchestrated execution of projects from the top down and bottom up to ensure success.

How to Execute Go-to-Customer Strategy

After more than a decade spent researching and working with companies to identify inefficiencies and increase sales, we know broken commercial systems are messy. Productitis creates complexity – we don’t shy away from it, we lean into it. We drive simplification through sales enablement programs customized for your business. Our model-map-match method allows us to start anywhere within an organization and scale results without being disruptive to current ongoing operations.

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Technology to Scale Large Accounts

Once you have your go-to-customer strategy and value communications in place, you’ll want to track and monitor how well you’re performing with your customers in real time. We provide you with a suite of integrated applications that will enable your business to protect, grow, and retain large accounts.

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